Employment Transportation Services
Kendallville, IN

Pay for your Employment Transportation Services fare quickly and easily with your phone using the Token Transit service!

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How to Ride Transit Using Your Phone

  • Download your mobile app of choice from the options above
  • Purchase passes to use immediately or store them for future rides (note: an internet connection is required to purchase and activate a mobile pass)
  • As the bus approaches open your app and tap your pass to activate
  • Once onboard follow instructions in the app to validate your ticket

Send a Pass

Token Transit Send a Pass is an online pass purchasing portal for Employment Transportation Services. You can purchase a pass online and have it instantly sent to any rider you choose. You can now instantly deliver transit passes for your friends and family.


Rider Description

Name Description

Fare Descriptions

Name Description
Ticket to Ride

Valid for a single ride. Ticket will display for 30 minutes.

All Day

All Day passes are valid until midnight.

10 Day

10 day passes are valid for 10 consecutive days after first use and expire at midnight on the 10th day.

31 Day

31 day passes are valid for 31 consecutive days after first use and expire at midnight on the 31st day.

Employment Transportation Services Terms and Policies

Purchases made with Token Transit for Employment Transportation Services are subject to Employment Transportation Services terms and policies. For more information on these policies you may visit https://www.indianaft.com/ or contact Employment Transportation Services directly.