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Token Transit Mobile Ticketing

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Seamless Access

Let riders purchase transit passes directly in the apps they already use such as Google Maps, Google Wallet, Apple Maps, Transit, Moovit, Token Transit and any other local apps

Institutional Passes

Partner with social services, schools, employers, and special event planners to instantly distribute thousands of transit passes to mobile phones with a single click

Easier Fare Validation

Validate tickets electronically to collect valuable data, improve security, and relieve operators. Work with social services to distribute single-use, paper QR passes and integrate with existing institutional ID cards to validate directly on vehicles. .

Our Partner Agencies

Token Transit powers fare payment for more than 200 transit agencies!

Benefits To Riders

Mobile ticketing for iOS and Android

Use the trip-planning apps you already have downloaded

Strikethrough discounts and promotions

Instantly receive digital transit passes

Ease of use for low-tech riders and older mobile devices

US-based rider support team

Benefits To Agencies

Operates seamlessly alongside other fare collection systems

Simple procurement for an easy launch

Automated ridership and financial reports

Digital pass distribution

Customized marketing materials

100% turnkey solution

Integrations and API support for real-time data

What Our Partners Say About Us

“Commitment to Our Success”

We have been very impressed with the Token Transit team and are proud to be their first client. Their commitment to our success, and responsiveness to our needs, is refreshing in the transit industry.

— David F. Jickling - Director of Public Transportation and Operations, RTC Washoe (Reno, NV)

“Elite Customer-Focused Company”

Omnitrans implemented Token Transit as a mobile digital outlet and our riders couldn’t have been happier. 91% of riders using Token Transit were satisfied. Omnitrans riders also ranked Token Transit with Net Promoter Score of 70, which places Token Transit as an elite customer-focused company, not just within transit, but amongst all industries.

— Jeremiah Bryant, Service Planning Manager, Omnitrans (San Bernardino, CA)

“A Tech Company Doing Transit”

We were very impressed with Token Transit and their tech experience in Silicon Valley. We wanted to ensure that we were working with a tech company doing transit and not a transit company trying to do technology. We are very pleased with our decision. Token has been with us at each step of the way, working closely to address any and all issues and customer questions.

— Ed Park - Transit Planner, RTC Washoe (Reno, NV)

“A Great Partner”

The Token Transit team has been a great partner. From startup to follow through the small but attentive Token Transit staff has been responsive to every request. The product design is perfect for a system our size; no upfront costs, easy to implement, customized training and marketing materials, ridership data useful for planning, and provides our customers an amenity that rivals any big city transit system. I highly recommend Token Transit whenever another transit system calls, and brag on it as I travel around town and nationally.

— Betsy Kachmar, AGM, Fort Wayne Citilink (Fort Wayne, IN)

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