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Token Transit

This is a unique time to play a direct role in creating the future of affordable, equitable and sustainable transportation. We believe that public transit is the future, and we are excited to be a part of it. We hope that you are too.

Open Roles

Unfortunately, Token Transit is not currently hiring. We will update this page with our jobs listings when that changes.

Token Transit

Token Transit puts cities in the center of managing new mobility by providing a complete fare payment platform for public transportation. We are a complete fare payment platform for public transportation – from bus, to rail, to ferry, to paratransit and beyond. Over 200 municipal and regional transportation agencies across North America use our B2B2C SaaS and hardware solutions to bring flexibility, convenience, and ease to the rider journey by letting people buy fares using their phones. Riders can pay with their credit, debit, or commuter benefit cards, while unbanked and underbanked populations can purchase by Cash App Pay. Riders can also purchase passes directly in apps they already use like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Transit, Moovit, Google Wallet, and more. Technology changes fast and we meet riders and transit agencies wherever they are by providing innovative new solutions for payment.

Token Transit is a small team based in San Francisco, California. Roles are split between agency sales, customer success, and engineering. We are a remote-friendly company with employees across the United States and a main office in San Francisco.

Here are some of the products that we currently work on:

  • Every month, over 150,000 riders across the United States and Canada use the Token Transit service to pay for and board public transit. The Token Transit app is a simple and easy to use app available for Android and iOS that gives riders access to the Token Transit service.
  • Trip planning applications like Transit and Moovit use the Token Transit Payments API to provide access to the Token Transit service inside their apps.
  • Over 200 transit agencies use our backend management and data reporting tools. The emphasis on quality tools has allowed us to scale rapidly with a small team.
  • Universities, employers and medical service providers use Token Transit to distribute hundreds of thousands of subsidized passes to eligible riders.

Since our first launch in Reno, NV in 2017, we have been committed to maintaining our own service and brand. We take pride in driving the direction of our product. By building a single service that provides access to transit all across America, we lower the barrier to accessing transit.

The Team

We are a tight team united by our deep love of public transit.

Token Transit roles are split between agency sales, customer success, and engineering. We value teamwork, communication, enthusiasm and empathy. We take turns handling customer service escalations. We treat work as a marathon, not a sprint. We have no expectations about where you are located, but would love to see you in person in San Francisco occasionally.

Token Transit employees have taken public transit on every continent except Antarctica. Items that we have taken on the bus in San Francisco include a christmas tree and a refrigerator. Our San Francisco office currently has two guest bicycles.

To work here, you should be enthusiastic about learning about the products we build. You don't need to be a public transit fanatic, but you will need to empathize with both the transit agencies and transit riders we serve.

Token Transit is still small and growing. If you join us, you will play an active role in shaping the company that we become.