Token Transit puts cities in the center of managing new mobility by providing a complete fare payment platform for public transportation.

Token Transit

Over 200 municipal and regional transportation agencies across North America use our B2B2C SaaS and hardware solutions to bring flexibility, convenience, and ease to the rider journey by letting people buy fares using their phones. Riders can pay with their credit, debit, or commuter benefit cards, while unbanked and underbanked populations can purchase by Cash App Pay. Riders can also purchase passes directly in apps they already use like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Transit, Moovit, Google Wallet, and more. Technology changes fast and we meet riders and transit agencies wherever they are by providing innovative new solutions for payment.

Who We Are

Token Transit is a small team based in San Francisco, California. Roles are split between agency sales, customer success, and engineering. We are a remote-friendly company with employees across the United States and a main office in San Francisco.

Our Founding Story

Token Transit was founded by Sam Daly, Zachary Browne, Morgan Kikuchi-Conbere, and Ekate Kuznetsova from a vision to bring their Silicon Valley software experience at Google and Apple to public transportation. They aimed to use software to address fundamental issues faced by public transportation agencies around the world. The founders were united by the belief that improved access to public transit would benefit society.

In 2015, Sam approached his friends Zack and Morgan about using technology to help improve public transit systems. At the time, none of them had ever owned a car and they all shared a desire to help improve the public transit systems they relied on. They launched Token Transit by speaking with hundreds of experts from public transit agencies across the United States. These conversations honed their focus on improving transit fare payment systems which were discovered to be a major pain point felt by riders and agencies alike.

Ekate joined Token Transit’s founding team to help bring the initial concept of a simple yet powerful mobile ticketing app to life as Token Transit signed a contract with RTC Washoe in Reno, NV.

The Token Transit service now powers ticketing in over 200 transit agencies across the United States and Canada. Token Transit remains committed to the missions of offering straightforward and effective solutions that transform the public transit experience for riders and public transit agencies.


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