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Low Income
Discounted fares are available for Seniors 55+ during regular operating hours. Drivers may request proof of age. Medicare cards or I.D. card with date of birth will serve as identification for the fare.
A discount fare is available to the mobility impaired and can be used on all Fixed Routes, all day, everyday. In order to use the disabled fare, you must receive a Disabled Fare ID Card issued by Trident One Stop Career Center listed above. Passengers with a Tel-A-Ride I.D. card can ride fixed-routes for the discounted fare.
Low income fares are available to those who qualify. Qualified individuals will receive a CARTA ID that they will need to show when paying the discounted fare. Qualifications must be re-verified every 6 months to be eligible to use the discount fare.
Student passes allow unlimited use on all regular fixed routes and can be used on premium services like CARTA Express with an additional $1.00.
Tel-A-Ride is a service that is available to qualified disable passengers. Individuals can submit an application for the paratransit service to: CARTA 3664 Leeds Ave. North Charleston, SC 29405 Phone: 843-747-0007 TDD (843) 747-1499 Tel-A-Ride tickets are available at CARTA Administrative offices, CARTA Operations Facility at 3664 Leeds Ave. and at Trident One Stop Career Center. Passengers with Tel-A-Ride I.D. card can ride fixed-routes for free all day everyday. For more information, please contact CARTA Customer Service.
Fixed Route
1 Trip
10 Trip
40 Trip
3 Day
7 Day
31 Day
This fare is restricted. Riders must be pre-authorized by the transit agency to use it.

For more information, please contact the transit agency.
Adult Day $5.00
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