Concho Valley Transit
San Angelo, TX

Pay for Concho Valley Transit passes using the Token Transit app. Token Transit is fast and convenient, getting you where you need to go with ease.

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Token Transit Send a Pass is an online pass purchasing portal for Concho Valley Transit. You can purchase a pass online and have it instantly sent to any phone number you choose. You can now instantly deliver transit passes for your friends and family.


Do you qualify for reduced fares?

Anyone may purchase any fare listed above. However, the following fares can only be used by qualifying riders and may require ID to board.

Name Rider requirements
Demand Response Must be an approved Demand Response rider
You will need to show ID to board.
Reduced Reduced riders are Seniors (65+), Students, Military, or Individuals with a disability, or Medicare Card Holder. Must have proper id or documentation.
You will need to show ID to board.


Passes can be used at any time after purchase. Purchased passes are stored in the "Stored Passes" section of the app. The countdown does not begin until after the pass is first used. For more information on how to use the app, checkout our video tutorial

Name Description
Day Valid for 1 Day. Ticket will expire at midnight on the day activated.
Weekly Valid for 1 Week. Ticket will expire at midnight on the 7th Day.
Monthly Month passes are valid for 31 consecutive days after first use and expire at midnight on the 31st day.
One Way Valid for a single ride. Ticket will display for 15 minutes.
Round Trip Valid for a Round Trip ride. Each ticket will display for 15 minutes.
10 One Way Trips Pack of 10 Passes valid for 10 trips. Each ticket will display for 15 minutes.
One Way RURAL Valid for a single ride. Ticket will display for 15 minutes.
Round Trip RURAL Valid for a Round Trip ride. Each ticket will display for 15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Token Transit

What is Token Transit?

Token Transit is a mobile ticketing app that lets you pay for and ride public transit with your phone. We partner with transit agencies across the country to offer fare payment for your public transit agency in our app.

With the Token Transit app, you purchase, activate and board using just your phone. All of your passes are stored in the cloud, and retrievable on any mobile device.

Install Token Transit
How do I ride with Token Transit?
Can I use Token Transit?

App Questions

Can I ride without an internet connection?
Can I connect, link, or use my existing bus pass with the Token Transit app and use it on my phone?
Is my phone supported?
What services does the Token Transit app require?
Can multiple people board using a single phone?
When do I need an internet connection?
What if my battery dies while my pass is active?
How do I know if my pass is active?

Active passes will be displayed under “passes in use,” which immediately appears when the Token Transit app is opened. They display a “time left” section with time remaining until the pass expires. Passes that have not been activated yet will be displayed under “stored passes,” and can be stored as long as you like.

Can I see my expired passes?
How do I select my agency?
Can I use an existing pass I have with Token Transit?

Your Account

How do I access my account?

Your account is tied to the phone number that you first used to log into the Token Transit app. You will receive an SMS message to verify your phone number when you log in.

If you lost access to your phone number and would like to access previously purchased passes, contact us.

I have a new phone number, how do I transfer my passes?
How do I send passes to other accounts?
Why was my account suspended?

Common Tasks

Quick answers on how to accomplish common tasks in Token Transit
How do I change my current agency?

Paying for Token Transit

How do I add a credit or debit card?
What payment methods are accepted?

Currently Token Transit accepts credit, debit or a prepaid debit cards as forms of payment as well as Apple Pay on iOS devices. We are looking into additional methods of letting users pay for the bus through our app. Contact us to let us know how you would like to pay.

We are a convenient alternative to existing forms of payment. If you do not have a credit or debit card you can always continue to use your current method to pay for transit fares.

Can I purchase reduced-price passes?
When will I be charged?
Is my card data secure?
How do I get a receipt?
Can I pay with cash?

Riding Public Transit

How do I plan a trip?

Token Transit recommends using the following mobile apps for trip planning:

Many other trip planning apps exist as well. For more information ask your transit agency about trip planning apps they recommend.

Where is my bus?

Transit Agency Information

How do I contact my transit agency?

Please reach out directly to your transit agency if you have any questions or concerns regarding the agency and their service. Token Transit can help with your mobile passes and can help refer you to the transit agency for further assistance if you need.

Contact Information

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