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MN State Fair
Twins Express
Gophers Express
Vikings Express
MSHSL Football Tournament
Concert Series
MN Wild Express
MN State Hockey Tournament
Timberwolves Express
Summer Adventures
Twin Cities Pride Festival
Texas Rangers – Friday, May 24th
Texas Rangers – Saturday, May 25th
Texas Rangers – Sunday, May 26th
Colorado Rockies – Monday, June 10th
Colorado Rockies – Tuesday, June 11th
Colorado Rockies – Wednesday, June 12th
Oakland Athletics – Thursday, June 13th
Oakland Athletics – Friday, June 14th
Oakland Athletics – Saturday, June 15th
Oakland Athletics – Sunday, June 16th
Tampa Bay Rays – Tuesday, June 18th
Tampa Bay Rays – Wednesday, June 19th
Tampa Bay Rays – Thursday, June 20th
Detroit Tigers – Tuesday, July 2nd
Detroit Tigers – Wednesday, July 3rd
Detroit Tigers – Thursday, July 4th
Houston Astros – Friday, July 5th
Houston Astros – Saturday, July 6th
Houston Astros – Sunday, July 7th
Milwaukee Brewers – Saturday, July 20th
Milwaukee Brewers – Sunday, July 21st
Philadelphia Phillies – Monday, July 22nd
Philadelphia Phillies – Tuesday, July 23rd
Philadelphia Phillies – Wednesday, July 24th
June 7th – Noah Kahan
June 8th – Noah Kahan
June 20th – Morgan Wallen
June 21st – Morgan Wallen
July 7th – Niall Horan
July 28th – Foo Fighters
Conference Finals Game 1 – Wednesday, May 22nd
Conference Finals Game 2 – Friday, May 24th
Conference Finals Game 5 – Thursday, May 30th
June 4th – Como Zoo
June 4th – Como Zoo Senior
June 18th – Minnesota Zoo
June 18th – Minnesota Zoo Senior
July 9th – Como Zoo
July 9th – Como Zoo Senior
July 23rd – Como Zoo
July 23rd – Como Zoo Senior
August 6th – Minnesota Zoo
August 6th – Minnesota Zoo Senior
August 13th – Como Zoo
August 13th – Como Zoo Senior
June 30th – Twin Cities Pride Festival
This fare is restricted. Riders must be pre-authorized by the transit agency to use it.

For more information, please contact the transit agency.
Adult Day $5.00
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